Remember Summer?

I was just doing some cleaning up on my computer and came across this picture that had slipped through the cracks. I don’t know if you’ll remember, but one of our posts a while back was a little tour around our tiny garden.

Our house sits really high compared to the street, so when you walk on the sidewalk there’s a two-foot wall which puts our garden at a really nice, help-yourself level. This wouldn’t have been much of a problem, except our watermelon plant felt like ambling around our lawn until it finally decided to grow its single fruit perched right on top of the wall. We figured it would only be a matter of days until some punks decided to play hackey-sack with it, but it stayed, day after day.

It stayed and nothing ever happened. It filled out, and we figured we could pick it any time now, but we kept it on the vine and thought to ourselves “just a few more days”… sort of like a slot machine “just a few more pulls.” Then one day Mel sliced it open right then and there. We figured it’d be cracked on the inside and all pulpy-tasting. In fact, the watermelon itself had cracked on the bottom, but throughout it was perfect, and tasted, well, like it looks in the picture.

FYI, it’s a Sugar Baby from William Dam Seeds, and was about 10″.


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