Field Trip: Tomato Days

Over the long weekend, Tree & Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm held their annual Tomato Days. We visited Linda Crago, the heart of the operation in April to get advice before we started our own tomatoes from seed. She’s was incredibly helpful and continues to give us lots of advice as we start our own vegetable garden. She said we had to come back for her big sale, so we did.

When we arrived on Saturday, her driveway and a section of lawn were covered with thousands of plants. Every other square foot was covered by people picking through the hundreds of varieties looking for something new to try this year. It’s incredible to think that Linda started, nurtured and transplanted each of these plants by hand.

Cake & Loaf, the bakery that we visited a few months ago, were there with a refreshment stand. They were brewing some Detour coffee and brought along a lot of baked goods. I know Cake & Loaf bakes with ingredients they grow in their back yard, so it was a good fit.

We picked up some herbs, tomatoes and interesting eggplants. Gone are the days of visiting a garden centre to buy a “tomato plant”. This year we planted around 20 different varieties in our garden and Linda was definitely an inspiration.

If you want to pick up some seedlings, and can get down to the Niagara region, go for it. I know Linda will be more than happy to guide you through her jungle of plants, and you can be happy growing something nobody else on your street is. On top of tomatoes, she has many different varieties of heirloom peppers, eggplants, melons, squash and more.

UPDATE: For all our Toronto friends, Culinarium, in Mt. Pleasant Village has a fresh stock of Linda’s seedlings, so you don’t have to trek to Niagara (Even though it’s worth the trip!).

Tree & Twig Heirloom Vegetables
74038 Regional Road
45 Wellandport, Ontario
(905) 386-7388
Twitter: @treeandtwig


  • That's great! You don't see heirloom varieties for sale very often.

  • I made the trip to Tree & Twig on Sunday. Even then, there was a HUGE selection to be had, and it's always a great inspiration to be around Linda. Great times!

  • Thanks for this post - I've been searching for a good source of heirloom tomato plants!

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