Pure Green Magazine

Look how official we look! In layout! We’re happy to be included in the Pure Green Magazine summer issue. In fact, we’re happy to be included in all of the upcoming issues, since we’re official columnists.

The magazine will be issued 4 times a year, and our column focuses on growing and preserving food. Our first article focuses on the importance of planting a garden, no matter how big or small, early or late.

Here are some screen shots, but why don’t you just read the whole issue online here. We will keep you posted when new issues come out.


  • This looks wonderful. I've always loved the writing and photography of this blog, how the tone is so friendly and personable, informative (but does not come across as “preachy”), and the insight you're able to provide from your first-hand experiences. Congratulations! All the best for your continued success :)

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