Field Trip: Manorun Farm

I first learned of ManoRun Farm last summer at the Ancaster Farmers Market. After trying to make a date a few times since then, we were finally able to drive over to Copetown, Ontario. When we pulled in the driveway we saw a beautiful farmhouse and barn, some people working in the field, pigs lazing around under the shade of a tree and chickens wandering free all over the property.

Chris Krucker and Denise Trigatti have been farming organic for 18 years, and running their CSA for 13. Chris said that they moved out of downtown Hamilton looking for more land. They got a few animals, started growing some crops and before they knew it they were full-time organic farmers.

It was interesting to visit their farm and see a lot of things that we would like to be doing as well. Not only are they growing organic vegetables, herbs, and fruit, they grow their own hay and grain, milk their beautiful guernsey, as well as raise cows, chickens, and pigs for meat.

We loved the outdoor kitchen, where we found their beautiful clay oven. Chris said they mainly use it to bake bread, but just for themselves. They grow all the wheat they use in their bread and Chris had to buy his own small combine because farmers wouldn’t run their massive machines through such a small field of wheat, especially an organic one with weeds.

ManoRun Farm also runs an internship program through Craft, an organization which links people interested in farming to a network of organic farmers who are willing to provide room, board, food, and education in return for labour.

Check out this video we found on their site that I believe was filmed last fall. It’s a lot of fun and Chris shares some great words at the end, just before sticking his hand into a pile of steaming manure.


Stop by the farm, or visit them at one of the farmers markets they sell at. You might just see them at a market Chris himself helped establish.


Ancaster Farmers Market - Wednesday 3:00-7:00 pm
Dundas Farmers Market - Thursday 3:00-7:00 pm
Locke St. Farmers Market - Thursday 3:00-7:00 pm

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