The First Annual Ketchup Tasting

Last year we canned our first tomatoes and tried a batch of ketchup. We loved the ketchup so much that this year we decided to do it again with one not-so-subtle difference–we only used tomatoes we grew ourselves.

Jesse spent days outside skinning, boiling down, fighting off the wasps, spicing, and boiling down some more to get three very large batches of ketchup. We figured the best way to celebrate all the labour was to trudge back out to the garden, dig up some of our potatoes, pull out the deep fryer, and have a little party.

We don’t have any russet burbank potatoes, the classic frying potatoes, but we have lots of Yukon Gold, which do fine. We also dug up some purple potatoes and the first of my mom’s sweet potatoes which she sprouted in an interesting way this spring.

We loaded everything and everyone into the car and headed to our good friend Tanya’s house for some expert palates. Jesse set up the deep fryer outside (it’s never allowed in the house) and worked away at double-frying them.

We sampled the three recipes we made. A standard ketchup from the National Center for Home Food Preservation’s website, another recipe based on the Joy Of Cooking’s ketchup recipe, and a Jamie Oliver recipe.

The Jamie Oliver ketchup was the winner with its bold flavours. Personally, I liked the Joy of cooking recipe, possibly because it was made from our favorite black plum tomatoes. It might be a bit strange to have a party over a condiment, but the time put into these condiments earned them a bit of time in the spotlight.

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  • I think your ketchup tasting party sounds pretty great! I've been meaning to try homemade ketchup for awhile, so I'll start with the Jamie Oliver version. Thank you. :)

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