Last Day in the Garden

This post has been sitting as a draft for a week. It’s been a busy year for us, but we try our best not to forget about the garden. The garden in fall is a deceiving place. At first glance it’s all brown and death, but this, to me creates the most beautiful contrast for the few colours left. Tomatoes on their way back to soil, green herbs that will weather the frosts, orange carrots cold and crisp from the cool soil.

We prepared next years garlic patch which seems to be going in later each year. On a November day in Canada when t-shirts weren’t out of the question, we wondered if November is becoming too early. But this last gasp of summer warmth quickly turned into frost the following evening, and it’s clear we’re on our way to winter.

We planted carrots late this year, so the small, finger-sized roots are just a little treat for us, as opposed to the early glut we had last year which were getting old by the time winter rolled around. We’re going to split the difference next year and hopefully start our carrots at the right time so they’re the perfect size when the frost hits.

Herbs, brassicas, onions all weathered the light frosts we’ve had to date and were harvested, and arugula is as strong as ever. We’re expecting the spicy leaves to feed us right until Christmas.

Another year closes in the garden. It’s a beautiful cycle that reminds you that if you didn’t plant something this year, or something didn’t work out, there’s always next year. It also reminds us to not plan for just next year, but more in terms of the next ten. What do we want our garden to feel like in a decade? Let’s get started on that plan!


  • I think that our climates must be quite similar - we are growing all the same things. We recently peeled a whole lot of garlic to put in oil to keep it from going mouldy, and we're hoping it will last us to february when our current garlic can be harvested .. I love eating from the garden.. x

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