True Comfort Food

When you have three kids and a six-and-a-half foot tall husband, you need a pretty wide repertoire of recipes to keep everyone fed and happy. We’re always looking for meals that can expand it, and thumbing through Ashley English‘s new book added a new favourite–chicken pot pie.

I was pretty excited to make her chicken pot pie for a couple reasons. First, it just looks delicious, and second, I had some leaf lard, not just regular lard, but the classic, specific kind that makes the best crust on earth.

We replaced the shortening with our lard in Ashley’s crust recipe which was mixed with butter. The lard makes it flakey while the butter just tastes great. It’s mixed into flour, and we used light spelt flour. I loved the idea of rolling celery seed right into the crust.

The filling was creamy and full of flavour with white wine, cream, butter and tons of vegetables. Since we have lots of sweet corn in the freezer from the farm, we didn’t think it would hurt to add some in.

It’s so nice to make a meal that includes vegetables we’ve preserved, and remnants from other meals. The chicken stock in the filling didn’t come from a box or cube, it came from the chicken we ate a few days before. The lard came from one pig, not a factory, and worse yet, not from a vat containing the lard of a thousand other pigs. And the flour was milled about ten minutes away.

Meals like this are on their own level when it comes to calling them “comfort food”.

We wondered why the recipe said it fed 6, when it looked like it could feed an army. But by the time we had seconds, and in one particular person’s case, thirds, we knew this wasn’t a dish that was going to give us too many leftovers.

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