Chocolate Chip Cookies

What exactly would growing up be without “mom’s chocolate chip cookies”? There are a lot of treats in life, but warm cookies, right from the oven are near the top for me. So, when we were pregnant with our first, I went on the hunt for the worlds best chocolate chip cookie recipe. The recipe that would be “ours”. This turned out to be a dangerous task with horrible, crunchy, soggy, and over-fluffy failures. But they were small obstacles in a challenge I wasn’t prepared to back down from.

I don’t know how many recipes we tried, but there were a lot of them and even more variables: Butter content, oven temperature, preheated baking stones, cooking time.

As you may have guessed, Jesse didn’t once complain about all the baking. Several recipes, and a few pounds later, we discovered what made the best results. We tweaked and combined recipes to come up with the ultimate cookie.

It has been a long time coming, but we are ready to share our tried, tested and true “Ultimate” chocolate chip cookie recipe. It’s impossible to disappoint.

We try to hold back on the sugar, so I use slightly less than 1 cup of loosely packed brown sugar, and we also make these with only organic light spelt flour. No, this doesn’t make them taste like a brick of health food!

A few things we do is to cook them on a preheated baking stone, use a little batter scoop to make them into balls, and we don’t flatten them, which keeps the middle a little undercooked and gooey.

Sometimes we do a double batch of batter, scoop out cookie balls onto a tray, freeze and then store in a freezer bag to bake later. It’s great to throw a few in the oven, while it’s still on from cooking dinner. It also helps with self control so that we don’t feel like we have to cook the whole batch at once.

However, with the increasing number of mouths that seem to find their way to our house when we make these cookies, we tend to bake the whole batch.


  • Those look amazing. My mother's go to was Nestle Toll House…which cracked me up when I she finally broke down and gave me her “secret” recipe. Might have to try this one. :o)

  • I just made a fresh batch this morning they are delicious, what am I saying? heavenly! I've been trying to find the “perfect” recipe, I'm glad I found yours. I used about 10 oz of chocolate chips and about 2 oz cranberries as a variation.

  • Looks amazing! Does it say baking powder and baking soda? 1 tsp of each?

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