Our Sweet Potato Plantation


The one thing we’ve really focused on this year is better planning of the garden. And so far it’s wonderful. We’re going to plant a bit less, but manage it better. We’ve been pacing out our starts and so far the tasty sweet potato is in the lead, since it was one of the early starts back in February.

We’ve sprouted sweet potatoes before, but we love them so much that I went a little crazy this year.  Jesse had picked up some sweet potatoes at the Dundas Farmers Market, and we ate all but one. It stayed in the bag and drifted to the back of the pantry. Months later I found a mysterious paper bag, pulled it out and discovered that lonely forgotten sweet potato covered with tiny sprouts. As I was about to throw it in the compost I changed my mind and put it in a cup of water instead. That was mid-February, and the potato has been producing leafy shoots at a steady rate.

When the sprouts grow to a few inches long, we pinch them off and put them in a glass of water to root. After a couple weeks they begin to grown roots, so we plant them in our homemade newspaper pots.
To date we have over twenty four sweet potato plants ready for the garden, and the slowly shriveling sweet potato is still going strong as it uses up its own starch to constantly feed the shoots.

We’ll have to be patient and wait another month until we can put them in the ground at the end of May, but come August, it’ll all be worth it.

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